Email Marketing Strategies and Tips to Grow your business in 2019

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Attempts is often made to differentiate email marketing from Marketing Automation. With email marketing being ascribed the responsibility of sending super personalized, responsive, beautiful emails in just a few clicks. And Marketing Automation as responsible in generating personalized response based on customer actions and sending automated follow-ups. However, the seemingly difference in these two digital marketing strategy is more in their role. The both operates with the same principles of reducing your clicks and reaching more target audience with faster response rate; which is the focus of this article.

An attempt to launch email marketing campaign is a strategy to generate a contact list/lead list of customers. These customers would have to give you their consent and permission by subscribing to allow you sent newsletters of current happenings in your business thereby advertising and selling your products or services to them through their emails.

Email marketing is quite a good place for a startup in digital marketing because as I mentioned in my previous article:- 101-resources-for-digital-marketing-in-future , it is the easiest campaign to launch. It has the cheapest ROI within digital marketing. It is also the most reliable strategy for driving business growth by having people subscribe for updates on your products and services.


Email marketing involves: making plans to incorporate email marketing in your other marketing strategy, choosing an email marketing server, generating a contact list, creating engaging contents, choosing a platform to share your contents and requesting followers who benefits from your contents to subscribe for your email updates. In email marketing, besides the media platforms or sites where you share your contents, you would need email servers tool such as:

When you subscribe with such tools they would help you synchronize your media activities into one and provide a subscription form in all your sites. It is the responsibility of these tools to prompt your viewers to fill up the form and drop their emails for subsequent updates. Yours is to keep your sites loaded with traffic. It is these tools also that is responsible in automating your messages and furnishing you with email templates.

Having made your choice for a startup; the following skills (as outlined in the previous article-101 resources for digital marketing in future) will be necessary in steps to launching a successful email marketing campaign. As detailed below:

Email strategy planning

This is the very first port in email marketing campaign. It involves strategizing, planning and choosing email marketing tools and platforms that would suit the customers; describe their needs and enable your products or services to positione to provide these needs. It is also necessary that you consider the following time after times in your plans;

  • Keeping your email database clean, up to date and of value for customers.
  • Ensuring your audience are targeted and segmented enough.
  • Seeing to it that the subject line is adequate, straight to the point and informative.
  • Ensuring that you are following the rules of CAN-SPAM regulations.

Email campaign creation

Once a choice of email marketing server has been made. Next you’re face with the task of growing your email contact list. You would need simple, enticing and strategically placed opt-in forms for customers to sign-up.
Once you have your optin form and your email marketing service in place, you are ready to start building your email list and making sales. Often times, you might need to use lead magnet to encourage customers to subscribe.
A lead magnet is something valuable you would offer your customers in exchange for their email address. Cheap lead magnet include digital materials like PDFs, MP3 audio files, or videos that you can create yourself at minimal or no cost.

Email copywriting

Create original, interesting and engaging contents which would be of value and able to uphold the visitors on your sites. Your email content could have the following qualities:

  • A good format
  • A trending subject line
  • Engaging body content
  • Conclusion with a Call-to-Action

Template creation

Most times you would need a template for your emails to make sure email designs follow brand values. Email template is a pre-defined email layout, that may already include content like images or text.

Email segmentation

This is also called targeted email marketing. It requires that you organize your email contact list according to a set categories. It entails creating and sending out highly personalized emails to individual customers. This will help you to avoid sending the same messages to everyone and help increase the rate of response you get from your customers. Here are examples of some categories:

  • Location
  • Sex
  • Customers interests
  • Prospective/New customers

Lead scoring and personalization

A lead is a group of prospect with an unknown level of interest in your products or services. Lead scoring involves analyzing each categories based on some categories like number of emails opened by individual customers, this will enable you to rank your prospects by assigning point values to different criteria and actions to identify those leads who are most interested. It also allows you to address each of your prospects differently according to their level of interest. Lead scoring goes in hand with segmentation to enable personalized messages. But beyond personalizing emails, lead scoring enables you to analyze your customers and direct your the information you would serve each categories of your customers.

Email campaign analysis and reporting

A successful digital marketing campaign requires a comprehensive statistics. This is to enable proper planning and strategizing.
Some of the parameters of concern in email marketing includes:

  • Deliverability: Your deliverability rate is the number of emails that made it successfully to the target recipients email.
  • Email Open Rate; The open rate shows the number of recipients who opened your email.
  • Email Click-Through Rate.;The click-through rate shows the percentage of subscribers who clicked a link in your email.
  • Unsubscribes, bounces and other statistics.
  • Sending time that generate more response.

All said and done, analyzing the response from your mails allow you to discover where you need improvements. When it is implemented, this enables you to re-strategize and the result is a boom in the growth of your business.


So we see that email marketing is quite a very easy campaign to launch. As well, its importance in growing your business can not be over emphasised. Email Marketing is the most reliable and wider reach digital marketing strategy.

Comment your experience. Have you ever used email marketing for your business or not?
Do you have pop-up or opt-in form for your blog?
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Men or Women: Who Should Ask More Questions in Relationship Building?

Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jewish man, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? John 4:9


Just as our grace level grows proportionately to the level of the knowledge of God we have. So also do the knowledge of one another we have afford us with a measure of grace with one another necessary for an effective purposeful relationship.

There have been much emphasizes on advancing step by step cautiously in the phases of our relationships. What determines when we move from one phase to another is much hinged on how much of each other we have come to know, how much of compromise is going to be required of us, the strengths and weaknesses, favorites and hobbies, dislikes and likes etc. The knowledge of these and more is possible through purposeful conversations using the tool of questioning. Secrets to conversation is to get the other person talking about himself or herself and to do this, you would need to ask the right questions. Then you simply have to be a good listener.

This is not an article on list of questions to ask your friends. Though you may want questions that reveal how unique your new friend is, questions that can speak to core level personality traits, and questions that provide room for storytelling, or questions on works, sports, hobbies, travel, politics, religion, and current events. Very important they are for your conversations but the focus here is on what I would term ‘picking on your friends’-to be differentiated from ‘pulling their legs’.

The Acts of Picking

Very important in relationship conversations is the act of picking on your friends. Picking on your friends is about hanging on each others every word. It’s a way of wanting to know everything you could about each other. It’s a call back to clarifications of seemingly unacceptable assertions made by your friends-this will help your friends think about their words before voicing it. It’s about having him or her talk about herself or himself in a scenario where he/she unconsciously lets out his opinions on key matters. You may want to know your friends views on matters bordering on family, in-laws, finance, God, etc.

Although great communication like this is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Picking may look troublesome, in a case where any of the party involved in the conversation does not wish to have the relationship proceed beyond acquaintances. But, ultimately, as the person doing the asking, it’s important to have an atmosphere and a demeanor fill with love-the atmosphere in questioning should be that of love, and open-minded/liberal.

One common challenge in relationship building is being honest with our friends, everyone prefers to always give the positive impressions and bottle up on the things they resent even at the risk of blowing the relationship. We would have a better foundation for our relationships if we rather could bring up such dicey issues in a more tactful ways like Jesus did while revealing to the woman of Samaritans the odd things about her. When you ask these questions for the betterment of the relationship, you can help build trust, not to start an argument.

In conversations like this, be intentional to focus on others, not yourself. Pay attention, drop your smart phone, and make an effort to truly listen to the other person. By paying close attention to what they say, do, and how they interact, you’ll quickly get to know them. Little things go a long way, such as remembering someone’s preferences, the stories they’ve told you, and what’s going on in their life. There in is the beginning of friendship.

Picking is a tool for Mentorship

Secondly, and most importantly picking on your friends is a way of cultivating each other. Picking in this sense is a tool for mentorship-mentoring inside friendship. By clarifying, analysing together and reasoning it out, the both of you would come to a common understanding and it gets to a time when your reasonings becomes synchronized. This is what to do when you want to understand your friends and when you want them to understand you. Is a way to develop each other, share your values, explain the justification of your individual principles, share your goals, explain your likes and dislikes etc. Asking questions about another’s perspective and needs is a very potent way to building intimacy-You are getting a look into what matters to your friends at a deeper level.

Men need questioning to cultivate their women counterparts…,In John4, we see a very good example of the role of questioning with the conversations between Jesus and the Samaritans woman. We first see that we don’t necessarily need perfect persons in our relationship building. Jesus saw in the Samaritans woman a potential influence He needed in order to conquer Samaria. Similarly, every woman has an influence capable of boosting the power of every man who can effectively cultivate it in her.

Wrap up

So, Men or women: who should ask more questions in relationship building?_ anyone who has more questions should ask it. Women and Silence😁 Jesus asked; the Samaritans woman too asked… LOL!

Blessings to you!

WE CAN’T GO BACK TO THOSE DAYS! Antithesis on the realities of the current dispensation.

Living in the 21st century all by itself is a challenge by defaults!
There is a need for a redefinition of a lot of concepts and ideas(paradigm) to stand the time that we are in-not necessary outside the standards of Christ and the word of God but by identifying anomalies in the old paradigm and inductively describe the present realities, thus in a way of profering solutions: orchestrate a new paradigm.

At various times in the bible, there was a clear mention of different ages in human history: ages past (Hebrew 6:5); the periods spanning the entire old testament, i.e.: from the creations of the universe to the dispensation of the law of Moses. The present age (Gal 1:4); the period between the two advent of Christ. While the future age(Eph 2:7, Heb 6:5) are periods of Christ second advent to the creation of the new earth and new heaven. The present age is the age we currently live in. It is also called the church age or the era of Grace.

The relationship counselors in most cases had not always touched the unmet needs of the present day youths. Because, rather than define the problems of the youths and their cause(cause and effect), they are often found rather pointing the youths back to how things were done their days. Most of what were obtainable those days were either borrowed from the old testament practices or borrowed from the people’s traditional practices. But there have been an overhaul of the old testament especially lately, there been a lot of redefinition in the church. On the traditional practices too, globalization has brought a lot of rationalizing, integrations and copying to our cultural heritages. There are lots of changes between the realities of then and now, with lots of redefinition the youths have taken in, lots of information they have access to, lots of novel challenges they face, lots of influence they receive; all these and much more combine to make the present age a serious dynamic system which is not detectable by any single tradition, doctrine or dogma but by the truth and the truth alone. Because only the truth continues to hold no matter where one feeds from.

Think of today’s youths, think globalization and its pros and cons!

The youths counselors who wants to coach the present day youths successfully may need to first identify the needs/challenges of the youths especially the African (Nigerian)youths. For instance, lack of job opportunities-this alone have a great deal of effect to some common life programming. There’s rather a reprogramming on relationship matters among the youths. The counselors need to highlight these problems and then define what really matters. This is where many relationships counselors miss it, and major reasons why the needs of the youths on relationship are not being addressed.

The counselors say something else the youths continues to do something else!

There is a need to dissect the present realities, the realities of those days does not hold presently, as can be deduced from the following changes in times and tides:

1. Those days, the definition of courtship is when a man finds someone he loves, he informs his pastor who raises a committee that will monitor and mentor them to marriage. But today when a guy loves someone, he first gets closer to that person and grows in relationship with the person from acquaintance to friendship before coming to define/agree to have a futuristic relationship. It is at this point that the present day youths would inform the church with all things being equal, through the pastor who would invite them for counseling as the case may be, but not raising a committee to monitor them. This way, the bond and purpose created in the to be partners is stronger and people who have the similar likes are attracted together over a common interests, this interest still prevails even after they are married and beyond the wedding, they would still have their marriage sweet.

The system in this present age is not in anyways inferior-just like what they had those days worked for them, this is quite better and working!

2. Those days when men approach ladies, it’s serious and probably for marriage. They are taken seriously when they say ‘God told me you would be my wife’. But this days, when guys approach ladies, it’s hardly with serious intentions and at most for the purpose of friendship and nothing more would be assumed by the lady until otherwise stated. Till then too, the man has no right to demand her exclusive attention-this is important for many counselors that wish to address why ladies/guys keep multiple friends. The youths lives in a social networks, the realities is that the friends are only a part of the social networks. A good social networks is garnished with people who give joy, love and purpose to one another lifes. This people are randomly dispersed and is only by relating freely that one come into the very person where ones fulfilment is most aken.

3. Those days when a man says ‘i love you’ to a lady, is with all seriousness(spiritually and emotionally)and the response from the lady is as same. Stories tells that those days lady often get shy and responds with their face down and their foot drawing circles on the ground. But not so this days, love had been much redefined. This days when a guy says i love you to a lady, the lady looks his face and replies with a ‘thank you’ to him. I love you is no longer an unusual compliments. Is now as common as saying good morning. And if the guy seems to be too serious about the’love you’, the sisters give even a more intriguing response like; … make it work!

4. Presently, people Marry with a sense of purpose, those days, ladies are usually absolutely submitted to what the man got to offer and other times have nothing to contribute aside the home crafts. Today, people don’t just go into marriage but chooses their life partners with a lot in consideration: parenting partner, business partner, ministerial partner, traveling partner, leisure partner, career partner etc.

5. Those days marriage was a means to an end for the female folks. But recently, we begin to hear stuffs like career women. As such, as with the programming for men, the ladies too operate with a sense of phases, season and apt timing for marriage. The rush into marriage syndrome is low proportionately to levels of literacy. The life programming that worked then by all means, do not longer apply today. Those days at most after graduating and serving in the NYSC one considers marriage(as they are often employed immediately). Not so this days, financial factors has become a big bane on time of marriage and the ladies are joining in trying to pave a track/path(acting like a lady but thinking like men) of life for themselves before thinking marriage.

These and more are reasons why we can’t go back to those days!


There is a cycle of relationship and operations that God brings a man into when He is about to work in his life. However God only uses relationship that He has ordained to move one to his next level. RELATIONSHIPS ARE VERY POWERFUL.
we all need relationship in our life either by marriage,friendship,mentorship or fathering to become all that God Has ordained us to be. No man can make it alone. What relationship Will get one in one moment, one would need a five years of diligence alone to merit it. God ordained relationships are vehicles God uses to move us into His purpose on earth. Not all relationships are safe for one except those ordained of God for his life and purposes on earth. DIVINE relationships are not based on emotions or physical things.
However, just as some relationships are needed, there are some relationships that we must never get ourself into because they are limiting factors of the enemy. There are clear examples of men in the bible that it was the relationship that they entered that the enemy used to bring them down. Here are some of them:
1. Judas Iscariot had a powerful calling over his life. He was among the first set of 12 human beings that God by His own hand selected to be the first set of Apostles of Jesus Christ. His name should have been on the foundation of the New Jerusalem, but he entered into a wrong relationship with the high priests and the elders of the Jews. He never recovered from it; he went straight to the hell even though he carried a calling.

2. Amnon the first born of David. Even though His name means faithful and his life was supposed to be a demonstration of the faithfulness of God to David, he died a shameful death because of the counsel of a wrong friend.

3. God said in the book of Hosea 4: 17 that Ephraim has joined himself to idols, leave him alone. This goes to show that there are relationships you can enter into that God will withdraw from you. The following are people that their presence in your life will make God withdraw from you and they will pollute your strength the moment they mix with you; just like they did to Ephraim in Hosea 7: 8 -9:
we are not to build relationships based on what we like or dislike, we should let God order our steps to the right place and the right people that will move us into the next level of God for us in life. Shallom.
Keep in touch for the next edition : examples of divine relationships in the bible.